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This Glove Will Make You A Piano Playing Master

by / Wednesday, 25 June 2014 / Published in FEATURED, PRODUCTS, TECHNOLOGY
Piano Master Glove


What started as a small wearable experiment from a Georgia Tech professor, could be the next breakthrough for mastering  guitar, piano, or even dance steps at superhuman speed.

Thad Starner, creator of the device says All you have to do  is slip on this glove called the Mobile Music Touch and it’s just bzzz, bzzz bzzz… bzzz bzzz…bzzz . Pretty soon you’re playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” like a pro.

His glove is like one of those fingerless leather gloves you’d see at the gym for weight lifting, but with a robotic box of wires fixed at the back containing a Bluetooth radio and microcontroller. This means you can hook it up to your laptop or mobile device and start to play a song.

Mobile Music Touch has been something of a study in haptic learning for Starner for the past couple of years. That repetitive buzz from the device infuses a kind of muscle memory that, in theory, can really cut your time for learning things like playing the piano.

 Watch It Work Below