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We’ve been watching Leap Motion for a while.  Today, CEO Michael Buckwald talked about the new release of Leap Motion V2 which allows  people to interact with applications similar to the way they do in the physical world. “Taking things like sculpting a lump of clay, snapping together building blocks, or learning to play an


  The Virtual Reality war is on. With the recent acquisition of  Virtual Reality firm Oculus Rift by Facebook for $2 Billion dollars, Sony wants to take on the virtual reality market with its own VR simulator: Project Morpheus. Here’s  a look at it.  

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  Most Star Wars fans will remember the original movie released  in 1977 and how it introduced some of the greatest sci-fi technology to ever be shown on film. One awesome piece of technology was the hologram call, which allowed Princess Leia to talk to Luke Skywalker. This piece of science-fiction is now a reality

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Pic3D-Film Cover -Digital Afro

  Even though 3D technology has revolutionized the film and TV industry, 88% of all LCD screens are not 3D capable. However, a group out of  Japan is seeking to change all of that.  Announced at the Virtual Reality Exhibition in Tokyo, Pic3D is a thin sheet of transparent film, enables a glasses-free 3D effect