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  Have you ever wondered how game officials know if the football has passed the goal line, in situations where it’s hidden under a pile-up of players? Well, sometimes they don’t know, and they just have to hope that it isn’t moved as the players get up. A team of researchers from North Carolina State University, Carnegie

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With the NBA playoffs in full swing, you’ve probably added “own a professional basketball team” to your list of goals. Here’s how the league’s current owners earned the cash to make it happen. All photos courtesy of Getty Images. 1. ATLANTA HAWKS BRUCE LEVENSON, MICHAEL GEARON JR.   Owner Since: 2004 The Numbers: Forbes estimates the Hawks

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NBA Players could be wearing Google Glass for the 2014-2015 season for an awesome in game experience.

  Sports fans could soon be able to watch games from a never-before-seen perspective – their favorite players. San Francisco startup, CrowdOptic, wants to share this unique vantage point with fans through their mobile devices. It’s partnered with the Sacramento Kings, which has put Google glass in the hands of players. “Say Demarcus Cousins is

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  THIS COULD BE A REVOLUTION IN BASKETBALL & SPORTS TRAINING.  The 94Fifty combines both training sensors (on the ball itself) and a smartphone app, which communicate with each other over Bluetooth, as well as a Pixel Qi wireless charging system.  The 94fifty  has four modes: Workout, Quicktraining, Compete and Challenge.  Workout is a mode

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Jay-Z has quietly maneuvered himself into some of the most prestigious circles in sports.Now, with the recent signing of NBA Superstar Kevin Durant to his Roc Nation Sports agency, this bold move has solidified  him as one of the top sports managers in the nation. On his Instagram account, Durant posted a photo of Shawn Carter inking

Top Ankle Breaking Crossovers From The 2012-2013 NBA Season   Top Dunks From The 2012-2013 NBA Season, We Love This Game!

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  JONESBORO, Ga. — Mookie Blaylock, former NBA player for the Atlanta Hawks, was taken off life support shortly after 8:00 p.m., and is now in guarded, but critical condition. On Friday evening, 11Alive learned from Jonesboro Police Chief Allen that another person involved in the crash died. 41-year-old Monica Murphy of Gwinnett County passed

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By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown Jay Harris is a 17 year old high school football star in the Philadelphia area, who committed to playing his college ball next season at Michigan State. He’s also a rapper known as “Jay DatBull,” and the two identities  it seems, are not mixing well. Recently, Harris had his Michigan

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  This Knicks-Celtics NBA playoffs series was made for the Internet. Players talking trash on the court  and thru  Twitter  is pretty normal, but players wives talking smack to opponents via Twitter? that’s another level. At the end of Friday night’s Game 5, Jordan Crawford and Carmello Anthony got into a heated  exchange and had to be separated after Crawford,

It seems that every week, a celeb has filed for bankruptcy or loses the millions they once had. Former NBA star Allen Iverson is no different. He made over $140 million dollar playing basketball and that doesn’t include his huge Reebok deal and various other endorsement deals. His story is a cautionary tale to athletes

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  Lebron James alley oop smash on Jason Terry last night in the Heat vs. Celtics contest was impressive not becaue it was one of the best dunks of the year so far, but because it captured the top trending spot on Twitter, even up until this morning. Twitter and the social realms have quickly  become the ‘weapon


Watch This Absolutely Amazing Rare Video Clip Of Bruce Lee  

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