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  Love it or hate it, Facebook is bringing video and product ads  to your news feed.If you’re a business hoping your ad will meet a lot of eyes, you could do worse than look to Facebook. With multiple options for advertising available — whether via the News Feed or the righthand sidebar —leveraging these options to

  Twitter’s announcement that it had filed for its long-awaited IPO has quickly drawn a lot of comparisons to Facebook FB -1.4%’s initial public offering. It is the most anticipated IPO to come out of Silicon Valley since Facebook and features a social media company with a multi-billion dollar valuation. But Twitter’s IPO probably will not result in

Written by Hadasah Ingrid: Hadash is a director, writer, & film enthusiast based in New York City. Look for more film commentary from her on Digital Afro soon.   Filmmaker Shauntay Cherry Reaches Out To Fatherless Men With New Project The statistics are real and disturbing. Now in America, over 60% of African American children are

Companies, brands, and social media marketing pros,  have been in the dark for a long time about how their tweets are performing in the social sphere. Now, Twitter has started letting its entire user base get a glimpse of their account analytics. First noted a week ago, and reported on this morning by The Next Web, the analytics provide

Amazon has launched Amazon Storyteller, a tool to automatically create visualizations of screenplays so that they can be more readily pitched. The somewhat self-serving beta at Amazon Studios promises to analyze the scenes, locations, and characters in a script and then fashion a storyboard itself, which can then be tweaked by the author.   Amazon Storyteller

Be careful what links you click on Facebook. A gang of international cybercrooks has resurrected a six-year-old Trojan virus named Zeus, using it to harvest personal information and drain unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts. It appears as if the virus is being distributed via Facebook groups, especially from advertisements offering discount merchandise, counterfeit designer wear, or some similar Facebook scam.

  These days, most marketing campaigns are aimed at going viral online through social-media shares. Pepsi’s new Like Machine project is making social media a requirement, not an option. The vending machine doesn’t want your cash, it just wants your Facebook cred. The Pepsi Like Machine is putting a twist on the age-old art of sampling.

  Most brands have a “pretty decent” email marketing program, but could it be better? Take a look at these 10 tips to try and improve your engagement.   1. Take a hard look at your preference strategy. There are three tips on capturing preferences: ask them, observe them and group them (into categories). Use your

  The world’s grumpiest furry creature will get a chance to show off her acting talent in a major Hollywood movie, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ben Lashes, a talent manager in Los Angeles and Grumpy Cat’s agent, has negotiated the movie deal with Broken Road Productions, the production company behind Adam Sandler’s 2011 film “Jack and Jill.” The

An Arizona man on trial for sending his 16-year-old nephew into a busy intersection last summer with a fake grenade launcher was convicted Monday of endangering the teen’s life and carrying out a terrorism hoax. Jurors in Maricopa County Superior Court got the case Monday afternoon and deliberated two hours before finding 40-year-old filmmaker Michael

  Before Jack Dorsey founded Twitter, and payment giant Square,  he made some simple sketches on napkins and torn out pieces of paper.   At Digital Afro we always like to stimulate your mind. If you have ideas for anything, please stop thinking you have to be a super coding genius to get it done. It

Being born with a speech impediment as a child, made Twitter founder Jack Dorsey very shy & introverted as a youngster. His closed off nature has caused problems for him  with co-workers. However, there is one job he is not shy about talking about, and that is becoming Mayor of New York City.   Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey,