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One thing that allows human beings to live together is their ability to read one another’s emotions before the frying pans start to fly. If personal robots are to join the household, they’ll have to learn how to deal with emotions as well. Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot designed to do just that, with the

    This  small talking robot built in Japan is about to take one giant leap into space. Kirobo — a humanoid “robot astronaut” that can converse with humans in space and on the ground — is scheduled for launch to the International Space Station on Aug. 4. Once aboard the orbiting laboratory, Kirobo will take

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      STORY HIGHLIGHTS Ex-cop builds a humanoid robot called HEX made from electrical appliances The self-taught robot maker spent over two decades in police force in Baltimore Walking robot can help kids learn about robotics, says Mark Haygood Launching KickStarter Campaign to get the helper robot in homes   (CNN) – Take a pair

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