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Tesla Feat Red

  The All Electric Tesla is pretty much the coolest car out. Go inside and see how they build these magnificent cars from the ground up.      

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Googles 100% self driving car hits the road today

Today, Google revealed its first 100% self-driving car prototype. The car  is missing quite a few of the features you’d expect to see in a standard car namely a steering wheel, mirrors, braking and accelerating pedals. The prototype comes fully equipped with special software and sensors that feed information into an onboard computer, which commands

FAA Finally Removes Mobile Device restrictions-Digital Afro

After the Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday that it would begin easing restrictions on passengers’ use of electronic devices during flights, JetBlue captured the new policy in a video. Passengers on Delta and JetBlue airlines can now use personal electronic devices, like iPods and Nexus 7 tablets, throughout the entire flight, including during takeoff and landing. Both companies

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 The Tesla S will be the first car whose internal systems can be downloaded & installed like a smartphone app.   By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown   Usually when you buy anything, no matter how cool it is, you’re stuck with it. The same holds true for cars. Tesla the Electric Luxury Car maker,  has

Electric bike concept by Edward Kim

Saturday, 12 January 2013 by

We always like to display innovative design and products. Today a new type of bike caught our eye. This electric bike concept by Edward Kim assists riders by electric induction allowing the bike to charge while the pedals are turned. When the rider gets tired, the bike will move the pedals allowing the rider to rest.