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Tesla Feat Red

  The All Electric Tesla is pretty much the coolest car out. Go inside and see how they build these magnificent cars from the ground up.      

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  The challenge with electric vehicles is that to charge, they have to be stationary for significant blocks of time, could be minutes even hours. Some measures have been proposed, such as solar panels that can provide energy while the car drives, and even electric highways that can provide power wirelessly. South Korea is the first to

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Inside The Most Advanced Car On the Market, The Tesla Model S    

  Designed by Macedonian designer Slavche Tanevski for the year 2030, the Mercedes-Benz electric luxury concept Aria, draws inspiration from the grace & beauty of  the  swan.  The Aria’s character is also inspired by the fluidity of the female anatomy, and the meticulous craftsmanship of the violin.     The use of copper and aluminum on the

    The mechanical magic, and special effects firepower of the Transformers saga are about to get a whole lot more cool as Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay announced on Tuesday that a Pagani Huayra will be joining the fourth installment’s roster. “Considered a masterpiece of design and engineering,” reads the caption on Bay’s website. Already on

    At DA, we always like to show you how that cool stuff you see in movies & science fiction, usually is based on real existing technology. In this scene in Mission Impossible 4, Cruise and Paula Patton are chasing bad guys through the streets of Dubai. In an effort to find the best routes

GPS & naigation for motorcycle riders has always been a terrible mix. Turn by turn directions leave riders distracted from the road which for a motorcycle rider can be far more costly than a car driver. However, a company in Russia is working to change all of that. LiveMap, a startup based in Moscow, is

  Mission Motorcycles president Mark Seeger wants to do for electric bikes what Tesla did for electric cars: Match the performance and range of gasoline-powered superbikes, but do it with a massive battery pack, an electric motor and zero emissions. We’ve seen these kind of ambitious electric projects before. However, Mission might just pull off

 The Tesla S will be the first car whose internal systems can be downloaded & installed like a smartphone app.   By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown   Usually when you buy anything, no matter how cool it is, you’re stuck with it. The same holds true for cars. Tesla the Electric Luxury Car maker,  has

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The days of the shoebox electric car are long gone thanks to the Tesla and the new Rimac Concept 1.  This car is truly unique with ‘All Wheel Torque Vectoring’ which allows each wheel to spin independently for incredible traction. The car boasts a 1088 horsepower and gets 400 mile on a single charge regardless of