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  Can Wi-Fi let you see people through walls? yes it definitely can. Wi-Fi is a signal, basically like a sonar that bounces off of every thing it encounters, as we saw in the film the Dark Knight. Researchers at MIT have developed a sensing technology that uses low-power Wi-Fi to detect moving people behind

    Ever wanted to pull off a movie style heist?… be an untraceable spy master?… or just want to stop being watched? We’ll get the Surv App for your smartphone. Surv is a crowd sourced project seeking to map the locations of outdoor surveillance cameras deployed to monitor the public in any city around

  An internet  petition to pardon N.S.A. whistle blower Edward Snowden has been created online, and is gaining serious momentum. The petition was posted on Whitehouse.gov on Sunday and has already received in excess of 100,000 electronic signatures. The form was posted by an individual who signed the petition as P.M. from Rochester, New York. The petition

  By now you’ve all heard the recent news: The government is monitoring both your phone and internet use, and hoarding the data for whatever purpose they like.  Here are some of the top  encrypted, decentralized, and open-sourced apps that can make it a little harder for the government and the NSA to spy on you.

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   WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration on Thursday defended the National Security Agency’s need to collect telephone records of U.S. citizens, calling such information “a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats.” While defending the practice, a senior administration official did not confirm a newspaper report that the NSA has been collecting

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments On Arizona Immigration Law

Disturbing The U.S. Supreme Court last week blocked The ACLU, & Amnesty International’s lawsuit challenging federal authorities ability to spy on American citizens’ communications at any time without a warrant. In a 5-4 decision split along ideological lines, the court decided the plaintiffs, which included the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International and other activists, journalists and lawyers, lacked standing