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Will I Am White

During a recent appearance on UK talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, musician Will.i.amrevealed his latest project to a surprised studio audience: a smartwatch. At least, based on the brief on-camera demonstration, that’s what the sleek, black device appears to be.   Revealing the device in a decidedly understated fashion while being interviewed by host Carr, Will.i.am said,

By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown     Rapper Jay-Z surprised fans Sunday night in a Samsung commercial that aired during game five of the NBA Finals by announcing a new album called Magna Carta Holy Grail. The commercial was a bit vague as to what exactly this meant for Jay-Z fans or Samsung owners, so allow us

Christina Milian Absolutely Loves Tech, Find Out What Her Favorite Apps  & Gadgets Are  

Amazon has launched Amazon Storyteller, a tool to automatically create visualizations of screenplays so that they can be more readily pitched. The somewhat self-serving beta at Amazon Studios promises to analyze the scenes, locations, and characters in a script and then fashion a storyboard itself, which can then be tweaked by the author.   Amazon Storyteller

Actress, singer, dancer, Jennifer Lopez announced Friday that she has teamed up with Verizon Wireless to launch a new mobile brand to target the fast-growing Latino population. Viva Movil by Jennifer Lopez has already begun to sell smartphones, tablets and Verizon wireless plans on its own website. More than a dozen stores in cities with large Latino populations including Los Angeles

Last year, Tyler Perry uploaded a video that we still see circulating on mainstream wires, probably because the message is so true. In this video, Perry describes his secrets to success that have not changed over the years, and how he got to the position he is in today. If you haven’t seen this, please watch and learn from

 Clearly an Homage To George Orwell’s  Book/Film  ’1984′ About a Brainwashed, Totalitarian Controlled Population   Kanye West is always eager to grab attention in the most elaborate way possible. Now he’s debuting a new song in the form of videos simultaneously displayed on the exterior walls of more than 60  buildings — just in time for his

  Cee Lo Green’s Digital  Stage Show has been getting rave revues for its production quality. Watch as Cee Lo  breaks down the show, and the technology that has gone into putting on such a dazzling visual display.  

  It’s no mystery that celebs and technology pretty much go hand in hand these days. Our good pals over at CNET TV’s ‘Hooked Up’, cover how celebrities and tech collide. On this episode, Nelly discusses his must have tech products. I cant wait till I’m ‘really’ famous, and people are coming to my house

  This Knicks-Celtics NBA playoffs series was made for the Internet. Players talking trash on the court  and thru  Twitter  is pretty normal, but players wives talking smack to opponents via Twitter? that’s another level. At the end of Friday night’s Game 5, Jordan Crawford and Carmello Anthony got into a heated  exchange and had to be separated after Crawford,