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One thing that allows human beings to live together is their ability to read one another’s emotions before the frying pans start to fly. If personal robots are to join the household, they’ll have to learn how to deal with emotions as well. Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot designed to do just that, with the


  There’ s been alot of questions regarding  Google’s recent purchases of  several robotics & Artificial Intelligence companies.Most recently, the search giant has purchased Deep Mind, a British firm creating software that tries to help computers think like humans. Speculation about a potential ‘SkyNet/Terminator’ scenario has made lots of people legitimately concerned about what  could

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Emo Spark Cube

For as long as we’ve been imagining emotionally intelligent machines, we have pictured something at least mildly resembling human form. From George Lucas’ C-3PO, to the recently-developed Robokind Zeno R25, our vision for robotic companionship has typically involved two arms and two legs. Taking a different approach is inventor of the EmoSpark console Patrick Levy Rosenthal,

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