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    Some big (and surprising) news in the media industry today: The Washington Post has just confirmed that it and its affiliated publications have been acquired by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million in cash. The announcement notes that Amazon “will have no role in the purchase,” and that Bezos himself “will buy

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The concept has been attempted before from other startups like Webvan and homegrocer.com, but would you order groceries from Amazon? If you live in Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area, that’s a question local residents could be asking themselves later this year. According to a Reuters report, the company’s AmazonFresh service could expand to

  Amazon has just announced a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire owners to use on in-app purchases, app purchases, etc. in the Amazon Appstore. The service will launch in May, at which point Amazon will be giving away tens of millions of dollars worth of Amazon coins to customers. Users then have the choice of paying

Amazon has launched Amazon Storyteller, a tool to automatically create visualizations of screenplays so that they can be more readily pitched. The somewhat self-serving beta at Amazon Studios promises to analyze the scenes, locations, and characters in a script and then fashion a storyboard itself, which can then be tweaked by the author.   Amazon Storyteller