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With 3D printers becoming more commonplace, it was just a matter of time before they out shined crayons and Legos as the favorite playthings for the creative child. At the forefront of this intersection of education, technology and playtime is the manufacturing company Mission Street Manufacturing, whose Printeer 3D printer promises to bridge the gap

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  This portable robotic printer that works by traveling across the surface of a piece of paper is well on its way to reaching its US$400,000 Kickstarter target. Designed by Israel’s Zuta Labs, the device is intended to provide users with a means of printing on the go. The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer was conceived

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3Doodler Feat

  3D printing has become a huge deal for businesses. Now consumers are  beginning to get a taste of this amazing new technology to create real objects thanks to  innovative products like the 3Doodler. The 3Doodler 3D  printing pen is a unique device that uses a liquid ABS plastic gel  allowing  you to draw anything

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Pic3D-Film Cover -Digital Afro

  Even though 3D technology has revolutionized the film and TV industry, 88% of all LCD screens are not 3D capable. However, a group out of  Japan is seeking to change all of that.  Announced at the Virtual Reality Exhibition in Tokyo, Pic3D is a thin sheet of transparent film, enables a glasses-free 3D effect

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  Create physical objects with the press of a button   The idea of being able to make physical objects in a matter of minutes is pretty astounding. Now, the vision of it being in the home at an affordable price is a reality thanks to robotics startup AIO. The fledgling company has created  Zeus,

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When physicians run out of treatment options, they look to an emerging field known as bioengineering for solutions to their patients’ ailments. Specialized scientists apply engineering principles to biological systems, opening up the possibility of creating new human tissue, organs, blood and even visual corneas. Waiting lists for organ transplants continue to be lengthy so

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  In the not-so-distant future, a new kind of robot, one of the tiniest ever made, may have the ability to track down and destroy cancer cells. Films like Fantastic Voyage (1966) and Innerspace(1987) have long conjured fictional images of microscopic submarines or machinery that can travel inside the human body to cure ailments. Now Shawn Douglas, a research

    Several months ago,  the internet was  set blaze by a video of  a homemade handgun being fired that was created using a 3D printer from an office supply store. Since then, the controversial technology which has been deemed ‘the next battlefront of the gun control debate in the U.S. ‘ has  made its

  Science fiction has always envisioned a real life molecular creation tool. A device that could create objects (like food) on a cellular level, and they appear. By adding a special resin, carbon, light, and water, University of Tokyo Scientists were able to create  an object on a cellular level using a 3D printer like

Instead of making you pick from a selection of items, this new vending machine lets you create what you want by 3D printing custom-ordered objects.   There’s a new vending machine on the UC Berkeley campus, but it’ll be of no use to students during a midnight snack attack. The Dreambox is a 3D-printing vending

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  Rejuvenating damaged tissue on a cellular level has always been a part of science fiction lore. However, researchers at Oxford University  have developed a new type of 3D printer that creates tissue-like material that could revolutionize medicine. The artificial material produces the properties of living tissues and could potentially replace them in the future. The new material developed

By Contributing Writer Alex “Fernando” Montenegro: Fernando is a super talented Android developer and technical wizard. Pretty much an  8th Degree Black Belt on most things tablet, phone and geek.         If you’ve ever used a tablet or smartphone of any kind,  you know very well that printing your pictures, or your work from