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  NASA’s  latest  Mars robot Valkyrie, could realistically  be mistaken for a superhero. Valkyrie, a 6 foot 2 inch tall robot with a glowing NASA logo on its chest, bears an uncanny resemblance to Marvel’s superhero Iron Man. A team of engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Tex., designed and built Valkyrie in

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  Strati wins 3D printed car challenge ‘Strati’ – The winner of the Local Motors 3D challenge (Image: Local Motors) Back in April, the 3D printed Car Design Challenge ran by  automotive firm Local Motors, was established with the aim of bringing together concepts and designs that could help  jump start the 3D printed car industry. “There

Piano Master Glove

  What started as a small wearable experiment from a Georgia Tech professor, could be the next breakthrough for mastering  guitar, piano, or even dance steps at superhuman speed. Thad Starner, creator of the device says All you have to do  is slip on this glove called the Mobile Music Touch and it’s just bzzz, bzzz bzzz… bzzz bzzz…bzzz . Pretty soon you’re playing


With 3D printers becoming more commonplace, it was just a matter of time before they out shined crayons and Legos as the favorite playthings for the creative child. At the forefront of this intersection of education, technology and playtime is the manufacturing company Mission Street Manufacturing, whose Printeer 3D printer promises to bridge the gap

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starbucks_powermat coming to all US Stores

  You might already be used to dropping into Starbucks to recharge your batteries, but now the ubiquitous caffeine merchant is looking to power more than just your mental energy. Today it announced plans to install wireless charging mats in every one of its US stores, meaning searching under tables and chairs for that elusive

WorldCup Exo Skel

The World Cup got its start this afternoon with a particularly special kick: one from a paralyzed volunteer wearing a robotic mind-controlled exoskeleton. The ambitious kick has been a long time in the making, with a whole group of volunteers training on the exoskeleton to make sure that there would be an operator skilled enough


One thing that allows human beings to live together is their ability to read one another’s emotions before the frying pans start to fly. If personal robots are to join the household, they’ll have to learn how to deal with emotions as well. Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot designed to do just that, with the

Tesla Feat Red

  The All Electric Tesla is pretty much the coolest car out. Go inside and see how they build these magnificent cars from the ground up.      

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The idea of everything around us doubling a solar panel, could soon be a reality, thanks to a new breakthrough in quantum dot research which could significantly change the way we  harvest the suns energy in the future. Researchers at Los Alamos National Labs, and the University of Milano-Bicocca, have  synthesised a new generation of quantum

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We’ve been watching Leap Motion for a while.  Today, CEO Michael Buckwald talked about the new release of Leap Motion V2 which allows  people to interact with applications similar to the way they do in the physical world. “Taking things like sculpting a lump of clay, snapping together building blocks, or learning to play an


  Things are heating up in the world of custom sneakers. Last year, Nike launched an online service called PhotoiD that analyses your favorite Instagram photos, creates a colour palette out of them, and lets you build a sneaker design out of it. But it seems Adidas is prepared to one-up Nike by creating a similar app

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Googles 100% self driving car hits the road today

Today, Google revealed its first 100% self-driving car prototype. The car  is missing quite a few of the features you’d expect to see in a standard car namely a steering wheel, mirrors, braking and accelerating pedals. The prototype comes fully equipped with special software and sensors that feed information into an onboard computer, which commands