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Beaming Power From Space

General Electric  has plans to begin beaming  power from SPACE using giant orbiting solar panels. The system could capture solar power in space, and beam the energy to Earth using Arrays of panels 1km wide. The panels could power entire areas, even cities. The  system would be nine times larger than the International Space Station.

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  Researchers at MIT have developed a smart curved surface that can morph at will to reduce drag, generating a series of small, evenly spaced dimples that make it resemble the outside of a golf ball. This technology could be used to reduce hurricane damage on some public buildings, as well as increase the aerodynamic


About 8 years ago, an electrical engineer and his wife started throwing around an idea to replace asphalt on highways and byways throughout the US with electricity-producing solar panels that were tough enough to be driven upon. The idea blossomed into a project, where the panels featured built-in LEDs that could “paint the road” with

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Watch This Car Heal Itself

Monday, 14 April 2014 by

  Researchers at Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed a self-healing polymer that can mend itself and fully restore its mechanical properties in just a few minutes when heated at low temperatures. The material could be used to create self-repairing sealants, scratch-resistant paints, and more reliable fiber-reinforced plastic components. Self-healing polymers are nano-materials whose

Scientists create rain in Abu Dhabi desert

Desert dwellers wishing to transform their arid surroundings into a profitable, crop-sustaining oasis have reportedly gotten one step closer to making that dream a reality, as Abu Dhabi scientists now claim to have created more than 50 artificial rainstorms from clear skies. According to Arabian Business, the storms were part of a secret, Swiss-backed project, commissioned by

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  There’ s been alot of questions regarding  Google’s recent purchases of  several robotics & Artificial Intelligence companies.Most recently, the search giant has purchased Deep Mind, a British firm creating software that tries to help computers think like humans. Speculation about a potential ‘SkyNet/Terminator’ scenario has made lots of people legitimately concerned about what  could

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Living architecture

  Dr. Rachel Armstrong, a professor at the London Bartlett School of Architecture has a radical vision of future architecture. She states we need to move away from traditional architecture made of materials that degrade over time  and create buildings that grow & repair themselves organically. This concept could radically prevent the decline of building

Blue the-oldest-known-fragment-on-earth-1-640x360-590x331

This discovery of  a blue zircon crystal, is making scientists rethink Earth‘s early geological history. The blue crystal  is 4.4 billion years old, and is the oldest known fragment of any type planet. The zircon crystal, measures just 200 by 400 microns, about twice the diameter of a human hair. It was extracted back in in 2001 from


      Before Carl Sagan, science and TV didn’t get along too well. Then, in 1980, the man in the turtleneck blew our minds with his PBS miniseries, Cosmos. Sagan took a nar­rative approach to science, inviting viewers to explore the universe and discover their own place in it. Thirty-four years later, the sequel has finally


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  The notion of 3D printed biological tissue in a lab presents some very big challenges for scientists. The main challenge has been without blood pathways,  the cells on the interior of the tissue become starved for oxygen, while also having no way to dispose of waste. These debilitating factors ultimately cause the  muscle tissue  to suffocate


It’s no mystery that Star Trek was way ahead of its time. Technology items such as the cell phones, blue tooth, tri quarters, iPads, and dozens of other gadgets can be seen in  raw form during  the series over 50 years ago. So here is our list of things you might not have known came