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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 107 million blood donations are collected around the globe every year, most of which goes on to help save lives. However, while the need for blood is global, much of that which is donated is not accessible to many who need it, such as those in developing

Epidoural Stimulation

  Epidural electrical stimulation involves implanting an electrode array along the lower part of the spinal cord, which ordinarily controls movement of the hips, knees, ankles and toes. Unlike similar approaches, the electrodes aren’t being used to directly stimulate the muscles. Instead, they act to reengage the spinal cord’s local nerve network, which doesn’t require

New Bionic Hand lets wearers feel in real time

New Prosthetic Hand Allows Wearers To Have Real Sensations Of Touch One of the challenges with prosthetic limbs is that, without nerves, the wearer cannot  experience dexterity or sense of feeling when touching something. However, research being conducted by the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center and  the  Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) in Italy

Lukeimia cure

European researchers have announced a breakthrough in the development of artificial bone marrow which expands the ability of scientists to reproduce stem cells in the lab and could lead to increased availability of treatment for leukemia sufferers. One of the main treatments for the blood cancer is the injection of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). These

broken ankle

A new fracture healing putty being tested at the University of Georgia, shortens the bone healing time from months to mere days; with the inflicted person being able to get up and move about in a matter of  hours. Researchers are testing  adult stem cells that produce silicone enzymes which helps bone regenerate on a


  Its safe to say that most people don’t like needles. Just the sight of a needle will make most people cringe uncomfortably. The process is especially difficult for Diabetics who have to inject themselves multiple times a day.. To ease the uncomfortable nature of the needle, researchers at University of North Carolina at Chapel

human cyborg brain.111111

    How The Things You Do Actually Change Your Brain Its no secret that the human brain is an incredible thing. Scientists are just now beginning to understand how the mind changes the physiology of the body and vice versa. This video looks at how your brain changes its  ‘nueroplasticity’ based on the way

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depression 3

  The war veteran who screams at the sound of a car backfiring. The victim of  a robbery or an assault who is now afraid to go outside. All of these fear induced behaviors have one thing in common: All are the direct result of their own memories. Fortunately for individuals struggling with traumatic past

  In the not-so-distant future, a new kind of robot, one of the tiniest ever made, may have the ability to track down and destroy cancer cells. Films like Fantastic Voyage (1966) and Innerspace(1987) have long conjured fictional images of microscopic submarines or machinery that can travel inside the human body to cure ailments. Now Shawn Douglas, a research

If you or your family has made a commitment to eat better and healthier, then congratulations – you’ve taken the first step towards creating a new, happier you. The journey won’t be easy, but you’re not alone: There are plenty of great free apps that can help you whip your diet into shape and cut out foods

  Cocaine addicts may soon have a ‘cure’ for their unhealthy dependence: researchers have successfully created a vaccine that prevents cocaine particles from reaching the brain and inducing feelings of euphoria, thereby helping users break their addiction. “The vaccine consumes the cocaine in the blood before it can reach the brain,” Dr. Ronald G. Crystal, the

  It’s Go Time!!! DigitalAfro.com, and the My Awesome Life Nation (MAL) FB Group, have teamed up to encourage everyone to live a stronger, healthier lifestyle. The MAL Nation 30 Day Pushup Challenge is in effect starting immediately.  Please follow the chart below to get yourself on the fast track to a better you. For more