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Some have compared this to dye pellets in bank robberies, others aren’t seeing it like that at all. It’s something straight out of an episode of CSI: An orange gun fires a green pellet that carries DNA traces, which, according to the manufacturer, lasts on a target for weeks, making it easier for authorities to identify people if they’ve fled the scene

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  After Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz committed suicide on Jan. 11, 2013, the internet community was shocked and outraged. The underground hacker community took the news especially hard because they considered Aaron one of their own.  Aaron Swartz was a hacker, in the truest form ever since he  was a 14 year old computer prodigy, his passion was for the open

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  Some of you may be aware, Bill Gates Stepped away from the day to day rigors of running Microsoft  some months ago. He says his focus now is on Humanitarian ventures like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently Gates was asked about the Performance of his companies Operating System Windows 8. So how is Windows 8 doing you ask? Microsoft

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