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If you’ve ever wished your GPS had a sense of humor, Waze has a solution. The crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app announced a new partnership with Universal Pictures to introduce a celebrity voice navigation feature. Comedian Kevin Hart will be the first to voice turn-by-turn directions in the app. Waze, which offers voice-guided GPS navigation gleaned from users who share real-time

  Celebrities and technology are pretty much a sure thing. Going viral is the goal, and Samsung is way ahead of the pack courting celebs like Jay-Z, Beyonce & now Usher to lead its marketing initiatives. Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself,” the collaboration between Usher and Samsung for its new smart TV campaign has received more than 27 million hits on

Well it’s official, Charles Ramsey has unknowingly thrust himself into Internet stardom. His unbelievable interview after helping Amanda Berry escape her kidnappers home was beyond classic. Now Hear the Remixes of the Interview Heard Round the World. Charles you are a ‘special’ individual.                            

  This Knicks-Celtics NBA playoffs series was made for the Internet. Players talking trash on the court  and thru  Twitter  is pretty normal, but players wives talking smack to opponents via Twitter? that’s another level. At the end of Friday night’s Game 5, Jordan Crawford and Carmello Anthony got into a heated  exchange and had to be separated after Crawford,


Great Jaime Foxx Interview about Django Unchained. Giving a deeper  perspective of  how he was able to play the part of a slave.