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The holiday shopping season is here, and that means we’ll be seeing a lot of deals on smartphones. If you’re going to upgrade, which handsets are the best? Let Digital Afro lend a hand, as we compare the features and specs of the top smartphones of 2013.   There were lots of terrific smartphones this


If you’ve ever wished your GPS had a sense of humor, Waze has a solution. The crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app announced a new partnership with Universal Pictures to introduce a celebrity voice navigation feature. Comedian Kevin Hart will be the first to voice turn-by-turn directions in the app. Waze, which offers voice-guided GPS navigation gleaned from users who share real-time

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  The Healthcare.Gov Web Project cost is at $350 Million so far… What is going wrong? What do they have to do to fix it? The HealthCare.gov launch has not gone so well. Some people paid the website a visit only to be greeted by a blank screen. Others found error messages or talked to misleading call

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    Ever wanted to pull off a movie style heist?… be an untraceable spy master?… or just want to stop being watched? We’ll get the Surv App for your smartphone. Surv is a crowd sourced project seeking to map the locations of outdoor surveillance cameras deployed to monitor the public in any city around

Ok So, Vine or Instagram? Facebook and Instagram announced  today that a 15 second-video feature would be implemented into the existing Instagram. Immediately, people on Twitter compared Instagram video to Vine, the popular Twitter app that allows users to take short 6 second videos. Obviously there are some differences, but how does Instagram and Vine

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Amazon has launched Amazon Storyteller, a tool to automatically create visualizations of screenplays so that they can be more readily pitched. The somewhat self-serving beta at Amazon Studios promises to analyze the scenes, locations, and characters in a script and then fashion a storyboard itself, which can then be tweaked by the author.   Amazon Storyteller

    Google is commemorating the 37th birthday of classic Atari game Breakout in the best possible way: It turned Google Image Search into a version of the game. To launch, go to Google Image Search  & type “Atari Breakout” …then  hit enter. The search results will show up, but they’ll be organized into a game that’s very similar to Breakout, which

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  By Alex Montenegro: Alex is a super talented Android developer and tech enthusiast. Follow all his helpful How To’s here AlexFernando     If your hard drive is slowly filling up (like most people), you might want to start saving to Google Drive.  Google Drive is a cloud based storage system you can use to store

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By Contributing Writer Alex “Fernando” Montenegro: Fernando is a super talented Android developer and technical wizard.         Flipboard let’s you create magazines based on your interests, & 2.0 just got more awesome.   Flipboard has always been one of our favorite apps here at DA because of it’s great User Interface.  Now the 2.0

By Contributing Writer Alex “Fernando” Montenegro: Fernando is a super talented Android developer and technical wizard.     Create amazing photos with Snapseed To get the perfect image requires more than just taking a good photograph, with + Snapseed  can create wonderful pictures and share them with friends. This mobile application provides a number of tools for retouching photographs and

Unit Testing is one of the pillars of Agile Software Development. First introduced by Kent Beck, unit testing has found its way into the hearts and systems of many organizations. Unit tests help engineers reduce the number of bugs, hours spent on debugging, and contribute to healthier, more stable software. In this post we look at a dozen

  By Contributing Writer Neil Lopez: Neil is a web development guru & tech enthusiast.           On Friday, Facebook gave the world another reason to get an Android device. At their headquarters in Palo Alto, the social media giant announced it’s huge mobile plans for Android: Facebook ‘Home.’ Although it will initially